"I have been in PT on and off for decades (due to bouts of sciatica) and have worked with several therapists over the years. For this latest course of PT, I switched to Regen (recommended by my internist) and am glad to write that I've been very pleased. I've learned new strategies/home exercises that I've not learned before which have made a significant difference in my progress. In each session, Yossi focused on particular problems/issues that interfere with my daily activities by addressing specifics. Though some others that I see in PT seem to have similar back problems, I am continually impressed with his ability to individualize and spend significant time with person, which is something I've not experienced before. I've been used to a PT mill, which this clearly is not. All this in addition to Yossi's upbeat personality and conversation made for a wonderful experience of healing."

Mrs. Sandy Meyers
August 23, 2015

"I was diagnosed with Guillaine Barre in early January 2013. This is a virus which causes your own antibodies to attack/ eat away at the myelin sheaths covering your nerves. I spent 5 weeks at White Plains Hospital and Burke Rehab for physical and occupational therapy, graduating from wheelchair to walker as I regained my ability to stand and "walk".

I met Yossi the third week in February 2013 at the White Plains Hospital Rye Brook therapy office. I arrived with my walker, completely at a loss. I was 53 years old and 5 weeks before had played tennis, golf, rowed crew, hiked and run with my dog in the woods. Now I was on long term disability from work with a walker. During my first appointment Yossi directly questioned why I was using a walker. He said "Go buy a cane". He took my hand and said let's see how you are; I was thinking "who is this guy?" as we proceeded to walk very slowly to the end of the room and back. This for me was an incredible feat.

His confidence, humor, empathy, attention to detail, expectations and directions for our sessions became my entire focus for the next 6 months of therapy. I learned that Yossi had worked in Israel and here in New York with Guillaine Barre patients. I would never go to my appointments unprepared - his exuberance and joy in my progress motivated me entirely. But more importantly, Yossi had a plan for my recovery. He inspired and challenged but also knew when to give me a break when I needed to catch up with myself.

I ran into two doctors I know at work, and was asked why I had vanished. When I explained that I had GB syndrome one blurted out "and you are walking ?" Then they both proceeded to question my symptoms, diagnosis and exact therapy program as they could not believe that after 3 months from diagnosis I was actually walking (carefully) along the hallway and was not in a wheelchair.

My neurologist, whom I saw monthly for a year and now every three months, would ask about my therapy schedule and program for the next month. She had nothing to suggest for improvement as Yossi was covering everything she could think of and more. I credit Yossi for saving my life and putting me back together again. I came to understand that very few GBS patients have a 100% recovery. I would say that I am 97% recovered."

Christine Robertson,
Pelham, NY

"My first encounter with PT left me wondering why the need for PT? What I did at home was no different from what I did at PT to justify 3 hours of my week and a co-pay. Well that all changed when I went to see Seth Golden. Now I understand how PT can make a difference and change your life. Seth is a very patient and compassionate person. He always takes the time to listen and never makes you feel rushed. He will spend the time that is needed and answers all of your questions. Even though he makes you work, he is very gentle in his technique. If the need for PT arises again -Seth is the one!!! If you need PT call Seth."

Joli Yuknek, MD
White Plains,NY

"I've suffered from chronic lower back pain for many years. I sought treatment from multiple doctors and many physical therapists - all to no avail. As my pain persisted, I desperately sought any and all forms of treatment, including pain management (spinal cortisone shots), acupuncture, healing and massage. And yet the pain and agony I experienced was excruciating and rendered me bed-ridden on many occasions.

And then I was referred to Yossi for treatment. He took the time to analyze the issues and guided me through a treatment process that alleviated my pain and enabled me to resume my normal life. Yossi is head and shoulders above other physical therapists(that treated me), and the qualitative difference I experienced was immediate.

I can't recommend Yossi highly enough. He is motivated to help people, he has a profound understanding of the human body and offers treatment regimens that offer long term relief. He is by far the best therapist I have come across and I owe him a debt of gratitude for getting my debilitating back pain under control and allowing me to live an active lifestyle."

Razy Hirschberg
Rye, NY

"Fifteen years ago, after I had a paralytic stroke and spent a week in White Plains Hospital, I was assigned to physical therapist Yossi Taubenfeld. Under his firm yet kind physical therapy, I recovered so completely that I was able to camp for three weeks in the jungle of Guyana in November. Early the next year, an infection following back surgery left me permanently disabled with a spinal cord injury. After discharge from Burke Rehab Hospital, I immediately returned to Yossi's care for three years, three times a week, and I go back to him every year for a lengthy tune-up. With no feeling from above the waist down and limited mobility, I use a custom-made walker every step I take. I credit Yossi's skill and expertise for the remarkable condition I'm in and how much I can do, though he modestly insists I deserve the credit."

Polly Rothstein

We have both benefited from the expert care of Dr. Seth Golden for more than a decade. He is unfailingly caring, professional, and highly effective in his treatment of our various issues, which have included arthritis, surgeries and even joint replacements.

Dr. Golden's superior knowledge, training and deep experience enable him to find the most effective therapies unique to each person's needs, an advantage we have found in few other physical therapists. His warm and sympathetic personality makes the difficult process of recovery as stress-free as one could hope.

We recommend Dr. Golden without reservation to anyone requiring first-rate therapy.

Elizabeth and Stuart Silver
Scarsdale, New York